Twin Cities Reunion History: STP Central & Mpls. North 1986 Basketball Teams took a major stance for Unity

Twin Cities Reunion History: 
STP Central & Mpls. North 1986 Teams took a major stance in showing everyone we had Unity in both Cities for each other…..  
These Two teams took the State Tournament Court holding hands of Unity!!

 True historic facts – 
that no one talks about….. During the 1986 season Saint Paul Central beat North by one point in the first game of the season. North Minneapolis came back in the twin Cities game to win by 2 points. When the state tournament started both teams were favored to meet in the championship game. But because of terrible referees, both teams lost in the semifinals, which set the stage for them to play for Minnesota state 3rd place game.

 The Third-place STATE TOURNAMENT game was going to be televised on Minnesota Network TV for everyone to finally see North and Central play. Everyone had heard about how good the games were in the past when North and Central played each other, but so many had never witness these two talented High School teams play each other. – Family, relatives and friends glued their eyes to the television to watch the North and Central game!! This was the day that St. Paul and Minneapolis would change – and it was televised right on Television!!

As the team’s got ready to leave the locker rooms, Saint Paul Central Captain Troy Jackson decided to get both teams together to form a unity line and come out of the locker room together holding hands. This was televised on Channel 9 and the whole state of Minnesota saw Minneapolis North and St Paul Central take the court together!!💯🥇

We got to own our piece of history because if we don’t… they won’t. For over 30 years this has been brushed under the table and not talked about!!💯♥️🏆

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