Tracee Ellis Ross Launches New Hair Care Product – Pattern

In some posts, she wears her hair brushed-out and happily frizzy. In others, she showcases more defined, fluffy curls. Sometimes, she’s in the stylist’s chair goofing off while getting glammed. Her posts are celebratory, relatable, and yes, a little silly. One video she added to her feed shows her with her hair pulled back — save for the very wet and clumped together curly bangs and tendrils framing her face. “What are you doing with your hair this holiday weekend? This is what I’m gonna do with mine,” she says, bursting into laughter.

But playful IG posts aside, hair — highly textured, kinky, curly hair in particular — is something Ellis Ross takes seriously. So seriously that Allure can exclusively report she’s launching Pattern, a hair-care line for people with curls ranging from 3B to 4C textures. “I was dreaming about doing this all through high school,” she tells Allure. “I had logged hours and hours in the trenches with my hair. Many of us can chronicle the journey of our self-acceptance through the journey of our hair. I think, in all honesty, the timing is perfect.”

It was difficult as little as 15 years ago to find hair-care products actually made for styling and maintaining Afro-textured hair in its natural state. Even as a child, Ellis Ross (who grew up with a superstar mom,) struggled to find affordable hair-care options for her curls. It’s why it was so important for her to make sure the line was priced reasonably, especially at a time where more black women than ever are embracing their texture as it is.

“If we are in a time right now, where we have gone from our hair being about a revolution to a celebration, where we allow our crowns to flourish as electric, beautiful, and gravity-defying, then we need for everyone to have access to those products so that their hair can feel as beautiful and as hydrated as it should.” In addition to its affordability, Pattern also offers its shampoo and conditioners in different sizes — that means three, 13, and jumbo 29-ounce conditioners, y’all. Prices start at $9 for 3-ounce bottles of the shampoo, conditioners, and leave-in, and peak at $42 for a 29-ounce bottle.

Tracee Ellis Ross shares her natural hair care secrets on ‘GMA’ l GMA
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