Lori Harvey & Damson Idris Allegedly Split, Failed Relationships Twitter Reacts

Lori Harvey and Damson Idris were celebrated just months ago as the newest young “it” couple, with many fans of the two loving their romantic connection. However, the streets say the pair have broken up and the reactions from the failed relationships segment of Twitter are out of control.

Lori Harvey, 26, and Damson Idris, 31, first made their relationship official on Instagram at the top of the year. Late last year, Harvey split with Michael B. Jordan after an intense romance between the pair went to the wayside. For Idris, the showy declarations of love and the like were just as noticeable as it was with Jordan and Harvey herself joined in on the display with photos sealing the deal.

News of the breakup came by way of a source who spoke to Media Take Out and the outlet took notice of the fact that recent public appearances of Idris feature him without Harvey on his arm. That doesn’t necessarily confirm the rumors of the breakup but it definitely has folks online talking.

As it stands, fans are making their own assumptions about what happened, even though the source that spoke with Media Take Out said there are no issues between the two and the split was amicable. Further, those same fans are taking shots at Idris over his sex scene with Chloe Bailey in the Amazon Prime thriller series, Swarm.

Yeah, we know that doesn’t make sense.

At any rate, the reactions are starting to bubble up and this latest high-profile relationship examination inspired some cringeworthy and frankly mean-spirited reactions on Twitter. We’ve got the best of the worst below.